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Note: URE is available for UIC undergraduate students only.

Interested researchers

The following is a list of faculty members who have indicated that they have active projects. Click on their name to find out more about what they are researching.

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NOTE: All names denoted with an asterisk(*) are researchers who are participating in the Chancellor's Undergraduate Research Award program.

Total: 510

* Achinivu, Ezinne    Chemical Engineering 
* Ackerman, Steven    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
Adami, Guy R    Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences 
* Adler, Naiche    Physiology and Biophysics 
* Aggarwal, Suresh K    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
* Ai, Ning    Urban Planning and Policy 
* Ajilore, Olusola Alade    Psychiatry 
* Alapati, Satish B.    Endodontics 
* Albrecht, Kate Rose    Public Administration 
* Alfonso, Aixa    Biological Sciences 
* Alsberg, Eben    Bioengineering 
Amirouche, Farid    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
* Anand, Sushant    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
* Ansari, Anjum    Physics 
* Archias, S Elise    Art History 
* Ashton, Jennifer    English 
* Atsawasuwan, Phimon    Orthodontics 
* Avanaki, Kamran    Bioengineering 
* Awanou, Gerard    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
* Awe, Clara    Pharmacy Admin 
* Bagchi, Srilata    Center for Molecular Biology of Oral Disease 
* Bailey, Amy K    Sociology 
* Bair, Kelly    Architecture 
* Balcazar, Fabricio E    Disability and Human Development 
* Banerjee, Prashant    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
* Barengolts, Elena I    Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; Department of Medicine 
* Barnes, Natasha B.    English 
Barrett, Richard    Sociology 
Bauer, Brian    Anthropology 
* Becker, Catherine    Art History 
Bennett, Larry    Jane Addams Social Work 
* Berg, Kristin Lee    Disability and Human Development 
* Berkelhammer, Max    Earth and Environmental Sciences 
* Berry, Vikas    Chemical Engineering 
* Bhounsule, Pranav Audhut    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
* Bolf, Victoria A    English 
* Bona, Jerry    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
* Bongarzone, Ernesto    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
Bonner, Gloria    Medical-Surgical Nursing 
* Boyd, Andrew    Biomed and Health Info Sciences 
Brady, Scott    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
* Braunschweig, Carol    Kinesiology and Nutrition 
Brezinsky, Kenneth    Chemical Engineering 
* Brickson, Shelley    Managerial Studies 
* Brier, Jennifer    Gender and Women's Studies 
* Brown, David    Architecture 
Brunskill, Amelia F    University Library 
Bruzik, Karol    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Buhse, Howard    Biological Sciences 
* Burdette, Joanna E    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
* Burns, Krishni Schaefgen    Classics and Mediterran Studies 
* Cabana-Jimenez, Jordi    Chemistry 
* Cabrelli Amaro, Jennifer Lauren    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
* Cao, Dingcai    Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 
* Caracotsios, Michael    Chemical Engineering 
* Carrithers, Michael D    Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine 
* Casey, Marcus D    Economics 
Cha, Soyoung    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
Chambers, Donald    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
* Chan, Kee    Health Policy Administration 
* Chang, Chieh    Biological Sciences 
* Chang, Robert Jin-Hong    Ophthalmology and Visual Science 
* Chaplin, Brian P    Chemical Engineering 
* Chaplin, Lan Nguyen    Managerial Studies 
* Chaudhuri, Santanu    Civil and Materials Engineering 
* Chen, Hsiu-lang    Finance 
* Chen, Liaohai Leo    Surgery 
* Cheng, Jun    Bioengineering 
* Cheng, Shih-Ying    Jane Addams Social Work 
* Chi, Sheng-Wei    Civil and Materials Engineering 
* Childs, Emma    Psychiatry 
* Cho, Wonhwa    Chemistry 
* Chriqui, Jamie F.    Health Policy Administration 
* Chuang, Chiou-Fen    Biological Sciences 
* Clark, Ginevra    Chemistry 
* Cluggish, Stephanie    Theatre and Music 
* Coba-Rodriguez, Sarai Estefania    Educational Psychology 
Conrad, Karen    Health Policy Administration 
* Cooper, Lyndon F.    Oral Biology 
* Cordoba-Chacon, Jose    Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; Department of Medicine 
* Coskun, Izzet    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Cruz, Isabel    Computer Science 
* Dai, Ting    Educational Psychology 
* Daly, Jonathan W.    History 
* Daly, Matthew    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Dancy, Barbara    Health Systems Science 
* Darbar, Dawood    Division of Cardiology; Department of Medicine 
Das, Somnath    Accounting 
* Davis, Lennard    English 
* De Groote, Sandy    University Library 
* Derrible, Sybil Jean    Civil and Materials Engineering 
* Destigter, Todd D    English 
* Diaz Martin, Esther    Latin American and Latino Studies 
Djalilian, Ali R    Ophthalmology and Visual Science 
* Doane, Molly    Anthropology 
* Donenberg, Geri    Division of Infectious Diseases; Department of Medicine 
* Dorevitch, Samuel    Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences 
* Drew, Kevin    Biological Sciences 
* Driver, Tom    Chemistry 
Du, Xiaoping    Pharmacology 
* Duarte, Guillermo    Theatre and Music 
DuBois, David    Community Health Sciences 
* Dumas, David    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
* Eisenberg, Yochai    Disability and Human Development 
* Eisenschmidt, Alexander    Architecture 
* Eldeirawi, Kamal    Health Systems Science 
* Engel, Kathryn    Psychology 
* Engelmann, Stephen G    Political Science 
* Erez, Edna    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
* Eriksson, Jakob L    Computer Science 
* Erricolo, Danilo    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
* Esmailbeigi, Hananeh    Bioengineering 
* Eustaquio, Alessandra    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
* Evdokimov, Olga    Physics 
Feinerman, Alan    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
* Fernandez, Lilia    History 
* Figueroa, Evelyn Marie    Family Medicine 
* Filindra, Alexandra    Political Science 
* Fitzgibbon, Marian    Pediatrics 
* Floros, Katharine    Political Science 
Foreman, Marquis    Biobehavioral Health Science 
* Foster, Craig    Civil and Materials Engineering 
* Foucher, Kharma C    Kinesiology and Nutrition 
* Freeman, Erin    Theatre and Music 
Freeman, Lisa    English 
* Friedenson, Bernard    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
Friend-Kendall, Ashley D.    Center for Dissemination and Implementation Science 
* Ganesh, Balaji Baskaran    Pharmacology 
* Gao, Yu    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
* Gaponenko, Vadim    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
* Gehm, Lisa    Emergency Medicine 
* Geissler, Beate    Art and Design 
* Gemeinhart, Richard    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
George, Anne    Oral Biology 
* Geraki, Palmyra    Architecture 
Gettins, Peter    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
Ghadeer, Amira    Faculty Affairs HR 
* Gibson, Grant    Architecture 
* Girotti, Jorge Alberto    Medical Education 
* Glover, Elizabeth J    Psychiatry 
* Glusac, Ksenija D    Chemistry 
* Goben, Abigail H    University Library 
* Gondi, Christopher Sumeet-Babu    Internal Medicine 
* Gonzalez-Meler, Miguel Angel    Biological Sciences 
* Gordon, Rachel A    Sociology 
* Gorka, Stephanie M    Psychiatry 
* Gowrishankar, Swetha    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
* Grippo, Paul    Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology; Department of Medicine 
Gude, Olivia    School of Art and Design 
* Guevarra, Anna    Asian American Studies 
Guidotti, Alessandro    Psychiatry 
* Gutfraind, Alexander    Epidemiology and Biostatistics 
* Gutierrez, Elena Rebeca    Gender and Women's Studies 
* Hall, Sara Frances    Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics 
Halliwell, Clive    Physics 
* Hanakahi, Leslyn    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
* Handler, Arden    Community Health Sciences 
* Haque, Riaz Ul    Microbiology and Immunology 
* Harkin, Patricia    Communication 
* Harmansah, Omur    Art History 
Harrow, Martin    Psychiatry 
* Hasnain, Rooshey    Disability and Human Development 
* Havrelock, Rachel    English 
* He, Bin    Microbiology and Immunology 
* Hebert-Beirne, Jennifer    Community Health Sciences 
* Hedayat, Sam    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
* Hendrickson, Mitchel J    Anthropology 
* Henke, Matt    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
* Hernandez Uribe, David    Earth and Environmental Sciences 
* Hernandez-Pecoraro, Rosilie    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
* Hicks, Stewart Roger    Architecture 
* Higgins, Hannah B    Art History 
* Hilbert, David    Philosophy 
Ho, James    Information and Decision Sciences 
Hostetler, Laura E    History 
* Hu, Guochang    Anesthesiology 
* Hu, Ying Samuel    Chemistry 
* Hughes, Ashley    Biomed and Health Info Sciences 
* Igic, Boris    Biological Sciences 
* Izci Balserak, Bilgay    Biobehavioral Health Science 
* Jackson, Lynette    Gender and Women's Studies 
* Jarrett, Jennifer B    Pharmacy Practice 
* Jeffery, Constance J    Biological Sciences 
* Jeong, Heejin    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
* Jeremiah, Rohan Dexter    Women, Child, and Family Health Sciences 
* Jiang, Nan    Chemistry 
* Jiang, Yuwei    Physiology and Biophysics 
* Johnson, Jeremy    Pharmacy Practice 
* Johnston, Robert    History 
* Jursich, Gregory    Richard and Loan Hill Department of Biomedical Engineering 
* Kadkhodaei, Sara    Civil and Materials Engineering 
* Kamps, Jordan    Theatre and Music 
* Kanich, Chris    Computer Science 
* Kannampallil, Thomas George    Family Medicine 
* Karatas, Aslihan    Civil and Materials Engineering 
* Karpov, Eduard    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Kassel, Jon    Psychology 
Katzen, Alisa    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
* Keen, Ralph    History 
Keiderling, Timothy A    Chemistry 
* Kelley, Jayne    Architecture 
* Kenig, Fabien P H    Earth and Environmental Sciences 
* Keung, Wai-Yee    Physics 
* Khalaf, Christelle    Public Administration 
* Khetani, Mary A    Occupational Therapy 
Kiefer, John    Chemical Engineering 
* Kim, Jane Jinmyung    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
* Kim, Kiwook    Pharmacology 
* Kim, Sangil    Chemical Engineering 
* Kineman, Rhonda D    Endocrinology 
* Kitsiou, Spyridon    Biomed and Health Info Sciences 
* Klein-Banai, Cynthia Lee    Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences 
* Klie, Robert    Physics 
* Kluemper, Donald H    Managerial Studies 
* Koenig, Mary Dawn    Women, Child, and Family Health Sciences 
* Komarova, Yulia    Pharmacology 
* Kostadinova, Petia A    Political Science 
* Kral, Petr    Chemistry 
* Kuchay, Shafi M    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
* Kurwa, Rahim    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
* Lawless, Kimberly A    Educational Psychology 
* Lazarov, Orly    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
* Leathers, Sonya    Social Work 
* Lee, Hyunwoo    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
* Lee, James C.    Bioengineering 
* Lee, Lisa Yun    Art History 
* Lee, Monica    Physiology and Biophysics 
* Lee, Steve    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
* Leiderman MD PhD, Yannek Isaac    Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 
* Leitzinger, Jocelyn    Managerial Studies 
* LeRoux, Kelly    Public Administration 
* Leshikar, Eric Duane    Psychology 
* Levitan, Irena    Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep and Allergy; Department of Medicine 
* Li, Weiguo    Bioengineering 
* Liang, Jiaqi    Public Administration 
* Liew, Chong Wee    Physiology and Biophysics 
* Linninger, Andreas    Bioengineering 
* Liotine, Matthew    Information and Decision Sciences 
* Lipsmeyer, Thomas A    Physics 
Liu, Derong    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
* Liu, Jing    Surgery 
* Liu, Ying    Chemical Engineering 
* Liu, Yuru    Pharmacology 
* Loeb, Jeffrey    Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine 
* Loentz, Elizabeth    Germanic Studies 
* Lofton, Saria    Health Systems Science 
* Lopez, Luis F    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
* Lundberg, Hannah    Bioengineering 
* Lutz, Sarah Elizabeth    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
* Lyles, Kevin L    Political Science 
* Lynch, John Wiley    Managerial Studies 
* Lyons, Leilah    Computer Science 
* Lysakowski, Anna    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
* Lyster, Clare    Architecture 
* Macias, Patrisia    Sociology 
* Madhavan, Sangeetha    Physical Therapy 
* Magasi, Susan    Occupational Therapy 
* Mahamid, Mustafa    Civil and Materials Engineering 
* Maki, Pauline    Psychiatry 
* Malagrino, Silvia A    Photo/Film/Video 
Malik, Asrar    Pharmacology 
* Malone, Andrew    Earth and Environmental Sciences 
* Mankad, Neal    Chemistry 
Mansky, William Ernest    Computer Science 
* Mansoori, Ali    Bioengineering 
Marko, John    Physics 
* Marquez, David Xavier    Kinesiology and Nutrition 
* Marullo, Francesco    Architecture 
* Mashayek, Farzad    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
* Mathew, Mathew    Restorative Dentistry 
* Matthews, Alicia    Health Systems Science 
McAleer, Jessica    Psychiatry 
* McCarty, William Patrick    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
* McClure, Ellen    French and Francophone Studies 
* McCollam, Neal Joseph    Theatre and Music 
* McFarlin, Barbara    Women, Child, and Family Health Sciences 
* McKenzie, Evan    Political Science 
* McKown, Clark    Psychology 
* McLachlan, Alan    Microbiology and Immunology 
McMahon, Timothy    Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 
McNallan, Michael    Civil and Materials Engineering 
* Medwid, Laura    Government Finance Research Center 
* Megaridis, Constantine    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
* Mehraeen, Shafigh    Chemical Engineering 
* Mehta, Dolly    Pharmacology 
* Mekinda, Jonathan    Art and Design 
* Mensah, Edward K    Health Policy Administration 
* Mermelstein, Robin J    Psychology 
* Merrill, Brad J    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
* Messenger, Chris    English 
Metlushko, Vitali    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
* Metzger, Matthew    Art and Design 
* Meyer-Dombard, D'Arcy    Earth and Environmental Sciences 
* Miller, David Thomas    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
* Miller, Rachel E    Bioengineering 
* Miranda, Fabio    Computer Science 
* Mirza, Mansha    Occupational Therapy 
* Mohamed, Abeer    Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; Department of Medicine 
* Mohanraj, Mary    English 
* Mohr, Justin T    Chemistry 
* Molina, Yamile    Community Health Sciences 
* Moore, Terry    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
* Morales, P. Zitlali    Curriculum and Instruction 
* Morfini, Gerardo A    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
* Morrison, Donald A    Biological Sciences 
* Morton, Terrell R    Educational Psychology 
* Muchow, Ashley    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
* Murad, Sohail    Chemical Engineering 
* Muramatsu, Naoko    Community Health Sciences 
* Murphy, Brian Thatcher    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
* Naba, Alexandra    Physiology and Biophysics 
* Naber, Nadine    Gender and Women's Studies 
Nakajima, Yasuko    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
* Nakamura, Toru    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
* Natarajan PhD, Viswanathan    Pharmacology 
* Nelson, Pete C    Computer Science 
* Nguyen, Andy I    Chemistry 
* Nguyen, Nicole    Educational Policy Studies 
* Nicholas, Christina Lynne    Orthodontics 
* Niebylski, Dianna    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
* Niederberger, Craig    Urology 
* Nikolic, Dejan    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Nucci, Larry    Educational Psychology 
* Nunez-Cedeno, Rafael    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
* Odoms-Young, Angela    Human Nutrition 
Officer, Lawrence    Economics 
* Okkema, Peter G    Biological Sciences 
Olson, Steven    Center for Molecular Biology of Oral Disease 
* Ondrus, Alison    Chemistry 
* Onyuksel, Hayat    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
* Orenic, Teresa Vales    Biological Sciences 
* Orjala, Jimmy    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
* Ost, Ben    Economics 
* Ouksel, Aris    Information and Decision Sciences 
* Ozdogru, Unsal    Information and Decision Sciences 
* Pajcini, Kostandin    Pharmacology 
* Pallares, Amalia    Latin American and Latino Studies 
* Pan, Yayue    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
* Pandey, Subhash    Psychiatry 
* Paprotny, Igor    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
* Park, Hyowon    Physics 
* Park, Yoon Soo    Medical Education 
* Parker-Katz, Michelle Beth    Special Education 
* Parkinson, William Arthur    Anthropology 
* Passarotti, Alessandra    Psychiatry 
* Pasupathy, Kal    Biomed and Health Info Sciences 
* Patil, Crystal    Women, Child, and Family Health Sciences 
Pauli, Guido    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
* Peiravian, Farideddin    Civil and Materials Engineering 
* Perez-Salas, Ursula    Physics 
* Pesavento, Russell    Oral Biology 
* Peters, Karen    Community Health Sciences 
* Petukhov, Pavel A    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
* Phillips, Shane    Physical Therapy 
* Pillers, De-Ann    Pediatrics 
* Pollak, Martha    Art History 
Popov, Sergey    Physiology and Biophysics 
* Poretsky, Rachel    Biological Sciences 
* Potowski, Kim    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
Potter, Richard    Information and Decision Sciences 
Prabhakar, Bellur    Microbiology and Immunology 
* Pradhan, Amynah    Psychiatry 
* Preissner, Paul    Architecture 
Priemer, Roland    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
* Prins, Gail    Urology 
* Priyadarshini, Medha    Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; Department of Medicine 
Prohaska, Thomas    Community Health Sciences 
* Quinn, Kelly Ann    Communication 
* Quinn, Lauretta T    Biobehavioral Health Science 
* Quinn, Therese Maura    Art History 
* Radosevich, James A.    Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences 
* Ragozzino, Michael    Psychology 
* Raja, Sheela    Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences 
* Ransby, Barbara    Gender and Women's Studies 
Rao, Mrinalini    Physiology and Biophysics 
* Rao, Wenjing    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Rasenick, Mark    Physiology and Biophysics 
Raychaudhuri, Pradip    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
* Razfar, Aria    Curriculum and Instruction 
* Razzano, Lisa    Psychiatry 
* Reames, Robin    English 
* Reddy, Gayatri    Gender and Women's Studies 
* Reddy, Krishna R    Civil and Materials Engineering 
* Revelo Alonso, Renata Alejandra    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
* Rhoden Neita, Michelle- Ann    Jane Addams Social Work 
Rhodes, Charles    Physics 
* Rhodes, Jane    African American Studies 
* Richner, Justin M    Microbiology and Immunology 
* Riley, Andrew    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
* Risman, Barbara J    Sociology 
* Risser, Heather    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
Rockne, Karl    Civil and Materials Engineering 
* Rojecki, Andrew    Communication 
* Roosevelt, Anna C    Anthropology 
* Ross, Susan R    Microbiology and Immunology 
* Roth, Steven    Anesthesiology 
* Rott, Susanne    Germanic Studies 
* Royston, Tom J.    Bioengineering 
* Said, Atef    Sociology 
Salti, George    Surgical Oncology 
* Sanchez, Bernadette    Educational Psychology 
* Sanchez, Liliana Elizabeth    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
* Sanchez-Johnsen, Lisa    Psychiatry 
* Sanders, Derrick    Theatre and Music 
* Sano, Teruyuki    Microbiology and Immunology 
* Sant, Shilpa    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
* Saunders, Harris S    Theatre and Music 
* Schaffner, Laurie    Sociology 
Schiavo, Leda    French and Francophone Studies 
* Schlossman, Mark L    Physics 
Schubert, William    Education 
* Schuck, Amie    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
* Schulenberg, Joseph W    Civil and Materials Engineering 
* Schutz, Kristine Marie    Curriculum and Instruction 
* Schwartz, Alan    Medical Education 
* Schwartz, Joel    Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences 
Shabana, Ahmed    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
* Shah, Reshma    Pediatrics 
* Shahbazian-Yassar, Reza    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
* Shahrara, Shiva    Medical Education 
* Sharma, Kamal    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
* Sharma, Vivek    Chemical Engineering 
* Shin, Jae-Won    Pharmacology 
Shroff, Adhir    Cardiology 
Shukla, Deepak    Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 
* Siciliano, Michael D    Public Administration 
* Sidiropoulos, Anastasios    Computer Science 
Silver, Simon    Microbiology and Immunology 
* Simpson, Dick W    Political Science 
* Sivananthan, Siva    Physics 
Sloan, Edward    Emergency Medicine 
* Smalheiser, Neil R    Psychiatry 
* Snee, Preston T.    Chemistry 
* Sodhi, Monsheel Sonia    Pharmacy Practice 
Solworth, Jon    Computer Science 
* Soni, Nikita    Computer Science 
* Sparks, John    Information and Decision Sciences 
* Spearing, Lauryn    Civil and Materials Engineering 
* Spille, Jan-Hendrik    Physics 
* Stewart, Lorelei    Art History 
* Stimson, Blake    Art History 
* Subbaiah, Papasani    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
* Sufian, Sandy M    Medical Education 
Swanson, Steven    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
* Swirsky, Eric S    Biomed and Health Info Sciences 
* Tai, Leon    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
* Takoudis, Christos    Chemical Engineering 
Tao, Lin    Oral Biology 
* Taylor, Renee R    Occupational Therapy 
* Tepe, Sultan    Political Science 
* Thatcher, Gregory Rj    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
* Thomas, Douglas David    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
* Thompson, Peter B    Managerial Studies 
* Thorkildsen, Theresa (Terri) A    Educational Psychology 
* Torres, Stephanie Andrea    Educational Psychology 
* Tozer, Steven    Education 
* Tsachor, Rachelle Palnick    Theatre and Music 
* Tucker, Kevin    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
* Tussing-Humphreys, Lisa Marie    Division of Academic Internal Medicine and Geriatrics; Department of Medicine 
* Tyner, Angela L    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
* Ucker, David    Microbiology and Immunology 
* Ugalde, Claudio    Physics 
* Ullman, Sarah    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
* Underhill, Karen    Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures 
* Vajaranant, Thasarat    Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 
* Varelas, Maria    Curriculum and Instruction 
* Varelas, Nikos    Physics 
* Verschelde, Jan    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
* Viana, Marlos    Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 
* Villegas, Jose    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Wadden, Richard    Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences 
Walden, William    Microbiology and Immunology 
Wang, Z. Jim    Pharmaceutical Sciences 
* Wardrop, Duncan    Chemistry 
* Warpeha, Katherine Mary    Biological Sciences 
* Wary, Kishore    Pharmacology 
Watanabe, Keiko    Periodontics 
* Webb, Torica L    Curriculum and Instruction 
* Weber, Elizabeth    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
Wedgewood, Lewis    Chemical Engineering 
* Wietecha, Mateusz S    Oral Biology 
* Wiley, Jennifer    Psychology 
* Wilkens, Kimberlee Marie    Art and Design 
* Wilkie, Diana    Biobehavioral Health Science 
* Wink, Donald    Chemistry 
Wirtshafter, R. David    Psychology 
* Yamada, Kaori    Pharmacology 
* Yang, Jie    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
* Yang, Shaolin    Psychiatry 
* Yang-Clayton, Kathleen    Public Administration 
* Ye, Zhenyu    Physics 
* Younge, Jewel S    Pharmacy Practice 
Yu, Clement    Computer Science 
* Yuan, Jingyan Elaine    Communication 
* Zalake, Mohan    Biomed and Health Info Sciences 
* Zefran, Milos    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Zerwic, Julie    Medical-Surgical Nursing 
* Zhang, Wei    Biomedical Science 
* Zhao, Zongmin    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
* Zheng, Yonghui    Microbiology and Immunology 
* Zhou, Xiaofeng Charles    Periodontics 
* Ziebart, Brian D    Computer Science 
* Zuck, Lenore    Computer Science