Funding your research

There are many sources of funding for your research projects! You just have to find them and apply. Ask your supervisor for more information. Meanwhile, a list of some possibilities is provided below.

If you are considering applying for one of the national awards listed below, you can get specific assistance with your application from the Office of External Fellowships. Make an appointment by calling (312) 355-2477.

Here is some general advice on applying for any award:

  1. Start early! Many of these opportunities are quite competitive and an early start will allow you to make sure every aspect of your application is in the best shape it can be.
  2. Make sure you are answering every question accurately and thoroughly.
  3. Seek advice of your research advisor and, for major awards, staff at the Office of Special Scholarship Programs.
  4. Give your recommendation writers adequate notice (3 weeks) about letters and prepare them with information about the opportunity/award and about yourself. Give them a copy of your transcript, a bullet point list or resume on which you list your awards and experiences, etc.
  5. Apply for more than one opportunity in case your preferred one does not work out.