Getting Course Credit

How do I get credit?

After you have met with a faculty member or other research supervisor, and that person has accepted your application to work in his or her laboratory on a research project, register for the appropriate course for a certain number of hours per week, for an agreed-upon amount of credit. Do not register until after you have met with the researcher, and be sure to check for course prerequisites.

In most disciplines, but not all, you are expected to work three hours per week for one credit hour. Check with your research supervisor before you register to ensure you are registering for the correct course and the correct number of credit hours.

If you are interested in research outside your major department, discuss this with your college advisor to see how the credit will be applied toward graduation.

Each academic department on campus has a course for independent or directed undergraduate research.

  1. Below is a tool to help you find the applicable course(s) for which you would register.
  2. Check for course prerequisites before registering by looking at:

Select the college and department of the researcher with whom you would like to work, and the relevant course will be shown below.