How do researchers get involved?

  1. Complete your online research profile

    Your profile (click here for an example profile) will provide undergraduates with a description of your research, the time commitment you require, and any other requirements you choose to include (e.g., minimum GPA, Honors College membership, foreign language skills, etc.). You can make this profile as specific or as general as you like.
  1. Respond to and meet with URE candidates, explain your expectations

    When undergraduates contact you, please respond (even if only to say you're not taking new assistants at that moment). Make sure the students have any prerequisite experience or courses you require and meet with undergraduate applicants whose applications look promising to determine if the applicant is a good match for research with you. During your meeting, provide as much information as possible about what you require of a research assistant, such as final projects, hours and availability, and responsibilities associated with the position. When you agree to take the student as a research assistant, ensure that you have clearly specified your expectations to avoid any misunderstandings.
  1. Help your undergraduate research assistant(s) register for course credit

    After you have chosen undergraduate(s) for your project, help them register for the appropriate number of credits in the appropriate course. Use the "Getting course credit" link for a list of all department course options for undergraduate research, and see your department or college for additional information.

    Honors College students may also register for either HON 225 Honors Research (Honors Undergraduate Research Assistantship) or HON 322 Honors Capstone, in addition to a departmental research course. Students who intend to participate in the Honors College Undergraduate Research Assistant program or conduct their Honors Capstone must complete the appropriate Honors form and get your approval.

    You need not be an Honors College faculty member to sponsor an Honors College student in research.
  1. Assign a grade

    Don't forget to assign a grade to your student(s) at the end of the semester!