Interested researchers

Any of the researchers listed on this website could participate in this program, but here is a partial list of faculty who have already indicated that they want to hire a student under this program. Click on their name to find out more about what they are researching.

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Achinivu, Ezinne    Chemical Engineering 
Ackerman, Steven    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
Adler, Naiche    Physiology and Biophysics 
Aggarwal, Suresh K    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
Ahmed, Azza    Pediatric Dentistry 
Ai, Ning    Urban Planning and Policy 
Ajilore, Olusola Alade    Psychiatry 
Alapati, Satish B.    Endodontics 
Albrecht, Kate Rose    Public Administration 
Aldrich, Leslie    Chemistry 
Alfonso, Aixa    Biological Sciences 
Alsberg, Eben    Bioengineering 
Altfeld, Susan Joan    Community Health Sciences 
Anand, Sushant    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
Ansari, Anjum    Physics 
Archias, S Elise    Art History 
Argos, Maria    Epidemiology and Biostatistics 
Arslan Ayaydin, Ozgur    Finance 
Ashton, Jennifer    English 
Atsawasuwan, Phimon    Orthodontics 
Avanaki, Kamran    Bioengineering 
Awanou, Gerard    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Awe, Clara    Pharmacy Admin 
Bada Garcia, Yolanda    Latin American and Latino Studies 
Bagchi, Srilata    Center for Molecular Biology of Oral Disease 
Bailey, Amy K    Sociology 
Bair, Kelly    Architecture 
Balcazar, Fabricio E    Disability and Human Development 
Balla, Andre A.    Pathology 
Banerjee, Prashant    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
Barengolts, Elena I    Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; Department of Medicine 
Barnes, Natasha B.    English 
Bartholomew, Amelia    Surgery 
Baty, Austin A    Physics 
Becker, Catherine    Art History 
Behnsen, Judith    Microbiology and Immunology 
Bell, Carl    Psychiatry 
Berenz, Erin    Psychology 
Berg, Kristin Lee    Disability and Human Development 
Bergonzi, Louis S    Theatre and Music 
Berkelhammer, Max    Earth and Environmental Sciences 
Berry, Vikas    Chemical Engineering 
Bhounsule, Pranav Audhut    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
Bolf, Victoria A    English 
Bona, Jerry    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Bongarzone, Ernesto    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
Boyd, Andrew    Biomed and Health Info Sciences 
Braunschweig, Carol    Kinesiology and Nutrition 
Brickson, Shelley    Managerial Studies 
Brier, Jennifer    Gender and Women's Studies 
Brown, David    Architecture 
Burdette, Joanna E    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Burkhouse, Katie    Psychiatry 
Burns, Krishni Schaefgen    Classics and Mediterran Studies 
Buscemi, Joanna    Institute of Health Research and Policy 
Caballero, Adriana    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
Cabana-Jimenez, Jordi    Chemistry 
Cabrelli Amaro, Jennifer Lauren    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
Cabrera-Lazarini, Juan    Information and Decision Sciences 
Cao, Dingcai    Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 
Caracotsios, Michael    Chemical Engineering 
Carrithers, Michael D    Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine 
Casey, Marcus D    Economics 
Chaloupka, Frank    Economics 
Chan, Kee    Health Policy Administration 
Chang, Chieh    Biological Sciences 
Chang, Robert Jin-Hong    Ophthalmology and Visual Science 
Chaplin, Brian P    Chemical Engineering 
Chaplin, Lan Nguyen    Managerial Studies 
Chaudhuri, Santanu    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Che, Chun-Tao    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Chen, Hsiu-lang    Finance 
Chen, Liaohai Leo    Surgery 
Cheng, Jun    Bioengineering 
Cheng, Shih-Ying    Jane Addams Social Work 
Chi, Sheng-Wei    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Childs, Emma    Psychiatry 
Chin, Jessie    Biomed and Health Info Sciences 
Cho, Wonhwa    Chemistry 
Chriqui, Jamie F.    Health Policy Administration 
Chuang, Chiou-Fen    Biological Sciences 
Clark, Ginevra    Chemistry 
Cluggish, Stephanie    Theatre and Music 
Coba-Rodriguez, Sarai Estefania    Educational Psychology 
Conroy, Lorraine M    Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences 
Cooper, Lyndon F.    Oral Biology 
Cordoba-Chacon, Jose    Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; Department of Medicine 
Coskun, Izzet    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Cosner, Shelby A.    Educational Policy Studies 
Dai, Mimi    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Dai, Ting    Educational Psychology 
Daly, Jonathan W.    History 
Daly, Matthew    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Danielson, Kirstie    Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; Department of Medicine 
Darbar, Dawood    Division of Cardiology; Department of Medicine 
DasGupta, Bhaskar    Computer Science 
Davis, Lennard    English 
De Groote, Sandy    University Library 
Derrible, Sybil Jean    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Destigter, Todd D    English 
Devroye, Natasha    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Diaz Martin, Esther    Latin American and Latino Studies 
Doane, Molly    Anthropology 
Donenberg, Geri    Division of Infectious Diseases; Department of Medicine 
Dorevitch, Samuel    Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences 
Doubleday, Alison F    Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences 
Drew, Kevin    Biological Sciences 
Driver, Tom    Chemistry 
Duarte, Guillermo    Theatre and Music 
Dumas, David    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Dunford, Christine Mary    Theatre and Music 
Eisenberg, Yochai    Disability and Human Development 
Eisenschmidt, Alexander    Architecture 
Eldeirawi, Kamal    Health Systems Science 
Engel, Kathryn    Psychology 
Engelmann, Stephen G    Political Science 
Erez, Edna    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
Eriksson, Jakob L    Computer Science 
Erricolo, Danilo    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Esmailbeigi, Hananeh    Bioengineering 
Eugeni, Alissa    Infectious Diseases 
Eustaquio, Alessandra    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Evdokimov, Olga    Physics 
Feinstein, Douglas L    Anesthesiology 
Fernandez, Lilia    History 
Figueroa, Evelyn Marie    Family Medicine 
Filindra, Alexandra    Political Science 
Fitzgibbon, Marian    Pediatrics 
Floros, Katharine    Political Science 
Foster, Craig    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Foucher, Kharma C    Kinesiology and Nutrition 
Freeman, Erin    Theatre and Music 
Ganesh, Balaji Baskaran    Pharmacology 
Gangemi, Antonio    Surgery 
Gao, Yu    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Gaponenko, Vadim    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
Garcia, Lorena    Sociology 
Gehm, Lisa    Emergency Medicine 
Geissler, Beate    Art and Design 
Gemeinhart, Richard    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
Geraki, Palmyra    Architecture 
Gibson, Grant    Architecture 
Girotti, Jorge Alberto    Medical Education 
Givogri, Maria Irene    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
Glover, Elizabeth J    Psychiatry 
Glusac, Ksenija D    Chemistry 
Goben, Abigail H    University Library 
Gondi, Christopher Sumeet-Babu    Internal Medicine 
Gong, Liang-Wei    Biological Sciences 
Gonzalez-Meler, Miguel Angel    Biological Sciences 
Gordon, Rachel A    Sociology 
Gorka, Stephanie M    Psychiatry 
Gowrishankar, Swetha    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
Grabiner, Mark Dean    Kinesiology and Nutrition 
Grechanik, Mark    Computer Science 
Grippo, Paul    Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology; Department of Medicine 
Groves, Daniel Peter    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Guevarra, Anna    Asian American Studies 
Gutfraind, Alexander    Epidemiology and Biostatistics 
Gutierrez, Elena Rebeca    Gender and Women's Studies 
Hall, Sara Frances    Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics 
Hanakahi, Leslyn    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
Handler, Arden    Community Health Sciences 
Haque, Riaz Ul    Microbiology and Immunology 
Harkin, Patricia    Communication 
Harmansah, Omur    Art History 
Hasnain, Rooshey    Disability and Human Development 
Hathaway Miranda, Heather Ana    Educational Policy Studies 
Havrelock, Rachel    English 
He, Bin    Microbiology and Immunology 
Hebert-Beirne, Jennifer    Community Health Sciences 
Hedayat, Sam    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Hendrickson, Mitchel J    Anthropology 
Henke, Matt    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Hernandez Uribe, David    Earth and Environmental Sciences 
Hernandez-Pecoraro, Rosilie    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
Hicks, Stewart Roger    Architecture 
Higgins, Hannah B    Art History 
Hilbert, David    Philosophy 
Horn, Stacey S    Education 
Horswill, Craig Alan    Kinesiology and Nutrition 
Hu, Guochang    Anesthesiology 
Hu, Ying Samuel    Chemistry 
Huggett, Nicholas    Philosophy 
Hughes, Ashley    Biomed and Health Info Sciences 
Igic, Boris    Biological Sciences 
Izaguirre Ballesteros, Gonzalo    Periodontics 
Izci Balserak, Bilgay    Biobehavioral Health Science 
Jackson, Lynette    Gender and Women's Studies 
Jarrett, Jennifer B    Pharmacy Practice 
Jarrett, Jon P    Philosophy 
Jeffery, Constance J    Biological Sciences 
Jeong, Heejin    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
Jeremiah, Rohan Dexter    Women, Child, and Family Health Sciences 
Jiang, Nan    Chemistry 
Jiang, Yuwei    Physiology and Biophysics 
Jin, Michael    Global Asian Studies Program 
Johnson, Jeremy    Pharmacy Practice 
Johnston, Robert    History 
Joo, Min J.    Medical Education 
Jung, Hyun Min    Pharmacology 
Junker, Laura Lee    Anthropology 
Jursich, Gregory    Richard and Loan Hill Department of Biomedical Engineering 
Kadkhodaei, Sara    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Kalyanasundaram, Ramaswamy    Biomedical Science 
Kamps, Jordan    Theatre and Music 
Kanich, Chris    Computer Science 
Kannampallil, Thomas George    Family Medicine 
Kapadia, Ronak    Gender and Women's Studies 
Karatas, Aslihan    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Karpov, Eduard    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Keen, Ralph    History 
Kelley, Jayne    Architecture 
Kenig, Fabien P H    Earth and Environmental Sciences 
Keung, Wai-Yee    Physics 
Khalaf, Christelle    Public Administration 
Khan, Md Wasim    Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; Department of Medicine 
Khetani, Mary A    Occupational Therapy 
Kim, Kiwook    Pharmacology 
Kim, Sangil    Chemical Engineering 
Kineman, Rhonda D    Endocrinology 
Kitsiou, Spyridon    Biomed and Health Info Sciences 
Klein, Jonathan D    Pediatrics 
Klein-Banai, Cynthia Lee    Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences 
Klie, Robert    Physics 
Kluemper, Donald H    Managerial Studies 
Knezevic, Nebojsa    Anesthesiology 
Koenig, Mary Dawn    Women, Child, and Family Health Sciences 
Koh, Timothy    Kinesiology and Nutrition 
Komarova, Yulia    Pharmacology 
Kostadinova, Petia A    Political Science 
Kral, Petr    Chemistry 
Kuchay, Shafi M    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
Kurwa, Rahim    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
Lawless, Kimberly A    Educational Psychology 
Lazarov, Orly    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
Leathers, Sonya    Social Work 
Lee, Hyunwoo    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
Lee, James C.    Bioengineering 
Lee, Lisa Yun    Art History 
Lee, Michelle    Department of Medicine 
Lee, Monica    Physiology and Biophysics 
Lee, Steve    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
Leiderman MD PhD, Yannek Isaac    Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 
Leitzinger, Jocelyn    Managerial Studies 
Leonard, John P    Biological Sciences 
Leow, Alex    Psychiatry 
LeRoux, Kelly    Public Administration 
Leshikar, Eric Duane    Psychology 
Levitan, Irena    Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep and Allergy; Department of Medicine 
Li, An    Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences 
Li, Weiguo    Bioengineering 
Liang, Jiaqi    Public Administration 
Liew, Chong Wee    Physiology and Biophysics 
Lilley, Carmen M    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
Linninger, Andreas    Bioengineering 
Liotine, Matthew    Information and Decision Sciences 
Lipman, Pauline J.    Educational Policy Studies 
Lipsmeyer, Thomas A    Physics 
Liu, Jing    Surgery 
Liu, Ying    Chemical Engineering 
Liu, Yuru    Pharmacology 
Loeb, Jeffrey    Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine 
Loentz, Elizabeth    Germanic Studies 
Lofton, Saria    Health Systems Science 
Lopez, Luis F    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
Lorenz, Dagmar    Germanic Studies 
Lukina, Olga    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Lundberg, Hannah    Bioengineering 
Lutz, Sarah Elizabeth    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
Lyles, Kevin L    Political Science 
Lynch, John Wiley    Managerial Studies 
Lyons, Leilah    Computer Science 
Lysakowski, Anna    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
Lyster, Clare    Architecture 
Macias, Patrisia    Sociology 
Madhavan, Sangeetha    Physical Therapy 
Magasi, Susan    Occupational Therapy 
Mahamid, Mustafa    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Maki, Pauline    Psychiatry 
Malagrino, Silvia A    Photo/Film/Video 
Malone, Andrew    Earth and Environmental Sciences 
Mankad, Neal    Chemistry 
Mankin, Alexander    Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 
Mansoori, Ali    Bioengineering 
Mantena, Rama    History 
Marquez, David Xavier    Kinesiology and Nutrition 
Marullo, Francesco    Architecture 
Mashayek, Farzad    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
Mathew, Mathew    Restorative Dentistry 
Matthews, Alicia    Health Systems Science 
McCarty, Evan    Computer Science 
McCarty, William Patrick    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
McClure, Ellen    French and Francophone Studies 
McCollam, Neal Joseph    Theatre and Music 
McDowell, Zachary J    Communication 
McFarlin, Barbara    Women, Child, and Family Health Sciences 
McKenzie, Evan    Political Science 
McKown, Clark    Psychology 
McLachlan, Alan    Microbiology and Immunology 
Medwid, Laura    Government Finance Research Center 
Megaridis, Constantine    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
Mehraeen, Shafigh    Chemical Engineering 
Mehta, Dolly    Pharmacology 
Mehta, Tara    Psychiatry 
Mekinda, Jonathan    Art and Design 
Mensah, Edward K    Health Policy Administration 
Mermelstein, Robin J    Psychology 
Merrill, Brad J    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
Messenger, Chris    English 
Metzger, Matthew    Art and Design 
Meyer-Dombard, D'Arcy    Earth and Environmental Sciences 
Miller, David Thomas    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
Miller, Rachel E    Bioengineering 
Miranda, Fabio    Computer Science 
Mirza, Mansha    Occupational Therapy 
Mogos, Mulubrhan F    Women, Child, and Family Health Sciences 
Mohamed, Abeer    Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; Department of Medicine 
Mohanraj, Mary    English 
Mohr, Justin T    Chemistry 
Molina, Yamile    Community Health Sciences 
Moore, Terry    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Morales, P. Zitlali    Curriculum and Instruction 
Morfini, Gerardo A    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
Morgan-Short, Kara Morgan    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
Morrison, Donald A    Biological Sciences 
Morton, Terrell R    Educational Psychology 
Movahedzadeh, Farah    Tuberculosis Research/Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Muchow, Ashley    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
Murad, Sohail    Chemical Engineering 
Muramatsu, Naoko    Community Health Sciences 
Murphy, Brian Thatcher    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Naba, Alexandra    Physiology and Biophysics 
Naber, Nadine    Gender and Women's Studies 
Nakamura, Toru    Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 
Natarajan PhD, Viswanathan    Pharmacology 
Nelson, Pete C    Computer Science 
Nguyen, Andy I    Chemistry 
Nguyen, Nicole    Educational Policy Studies 
Nicholas, Christina Lynne    Orthodontics 
Niebylski, Dianna    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
Niederberger, Craig    Urology 
Nikolic, Dejan    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Nonn, Larisa    Pathology 
Nunez-Cedeno, Rafael    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
Nutescu, Edith    Pharmacy Practice 
Nyenhuis, Sharmilee Marie    Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep and Allergy; Department of Medicine 
Odoms-Young, Angela    Human Nutrition 
Oneill, William D    Bioengineering 
Onyuksel, Hayat    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
Orenic, Teresa Vales    Biological Sciences 
Orjala, Jimmy    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Ost, Ben    Economics 
Ouksel, Aris    Information and Decision Sciences 
Ozdogru, Unsal    Information and Decision Sciences 
Pagano, Anthony M    Managerial Studies 
Pajcini, Kostandin    Pharmacology 
Pallares, Amalia    Latin American and Latino Studies 
Pan, Yayue    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
Pandey, Dilip K    Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine 
Pandey, Subhash    Psychiatry 
Paprotny, Igor    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Park, Hyowon    Physics 
Park, Yoon Soo    Medical Education 
Parker-Katz, Michelle Beth    Special Education 
Parkinson, William Arthur    Anthropology 
Passarotti, Alessandra    Psychiatry 
Pasupathy, Kal    Biomed and Health Info Sciences 
Patil, Crystal    Women, Child, and Family Health Sciences 
Peiravian, Farideddin    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Perez-Salas, Ursula    Physics 
Pesavento, Russell    Oral Biology 
Peters, Christian    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
Peters, Karen    Community Health Sciences 
Petukhov, Pavel A    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Phillips, Shane    Physical Therapy 
Pickett, Susan    Psychiatry 
Pillers, De-Ann    Pediatrics 
Pollak, Martha    Art History 
Poretsky, Rachel    Biological Sciences 
Potowski, Kim    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
Pradhan, Amynah    Psychiatry 
Preissner, Paul    Architecture 
Prins, Gail    Urology 
Priyadarshini, Medha    Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; Department of Medicine 
Puig Abril, Eulalia    Communication 
Quinn, Kelly Ann    Communication 
Quinn, Lauretta T    Biobehavioral Health Science 
Quinn, Therese Maura    Art History 
Radosevich, James A.    Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences 
Ragozzino, Michael    Psychology 
Raja, Sheela    Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences 
Ransby, Barbara    Gender and Women's Studies 
Rao, Wenjing    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Razfar, Aria    Curriculum and Instruction 
Razzano, Lisa    Psychiatry 
Reames, Robin    English 
Reddy, Gayatri    Gender and Women's Studies 
Reddy, Krishna R    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Revelo Alonso, Renata Alejandra    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Rhoden Neita, Michelle- Ann    Jane Addams Social Work 
Rhodes, Jane    African American Studies 
Richner, Justin M    Microbiology and Immunology 
Riley, Andrew    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Risman, Barbara J    Sociology 
Risser, Heather    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
Rojecki, Andrew    Communication 
Roosevelt, Anna C    Anthropology 
Rosas, Paola Cecilia    Physiology and Biophysics 
Ross, Julius    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Ross, Susan R    Microbiology and Immunology 
Roth, Steven    Anesthesiology 
Rott, Susanne    Germanic Studies 
Royston, Tom J.    Bioengineering 
Said, Atef    Sociology 
Sanchez, Bernadette    Educational Psychology 
Sanchez, Liliana Elizabeth    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
Sanchez-Johnsen, Lisa    Psychiatry 
Sanders, Derrick    Theatre and Music 
Sano, Teruyuki    Microbiology and Immunology 
Sant, Shilpa    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
Saunders, Harris S    Theatre and Music 
Schaffner, Laurie    Sociology 
Schlossman, Mark L    Physics 
Schuck, Amie    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
Schulenberg, Joseph W    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Schutz, Kristine Marie    Curriculum and Instruction 
Schwartz, Alan    Medical Education 
Schwartz, Joel    Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences 
Setty, Suman    Pathology 
Shah, Reshma    Pediatrics 
Shahbazian-Yassar, Reza    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
Shahrara, Shiva    Medical Education 
Sharma, Kamal    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
Sharma, Vivek    Chemical Engineering 
Shaye, Daniel David    Physiology and Biophysics 
Shin, Jae-Won    Pharmacology 
Shingleton, Alexander    Biological Sciences 
Siciliano, Michael D    Public Administration 
Sidiropoulos, Anastasios    Computer Science 
Simpson, Dick W    Political Science 
Sivananthan, Siva    Physics 
Smalheiser, Neil R    Psychiatry 
Snee, Preston T.    Chemistry 
Sodhi, Monsheel Sonia    Pharmacy Practice 
Soni, Nikita    Computer Science 
Sparks, John    Information and Decision Sciences 
Spearing, Lauryn    Civil and Materials Engineering 
Spille, Jan-Hendrik    Physics 
Stewart, Lorelei    Art History 
Stimson, Blake    Art History 
Stolley, Melinda    Psychology 
Sufian, Sandy M    Medical Education 
Swartz, James A.    Jane Addams Social Work 
Swirsky, Eric S    Biomed and Health Info Sciences 
Tai, Leon    Anatomy and Cell Biology 
Takoudis, Christos    Chemical Engineering 
Taylor, Renee R    Occupational Therapy 
Tepe, Sultan    Political Science 
Thatcher, Gregory Rj    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Thomas, Douglas David    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Thompson, Peter B    Managerial Studies 
Thorkildsen, Theresa (Terri) A    Educational Psychology 
Torres, Antonio    Architecture 
Torres, Stephanie Andrea    Educational Psychology 
Tozer, Steven    Education 
Tsachor, Rachelle Palnick    Theatre and Music 
Tucker, Kevin    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Tuninetti, Daniela    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Tussing-Humphreys, Lisa Marie    Division of Academic Internal Medicine and Geriatrics; Department of Medicine 
Ucker, David    Microbiology and Immunology 
Ugalde, Claudio    Physics 
Ullman, Sarah    Criminology, Law, and Justice 
Underhill, Karen    Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures 
Vajaranant, Thasarat    Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 
Valyi-Nagy, Tibor    Pathology 
Van Heumen, Lieke    Disability and Human Development 
Varelas, Maria    Curriculum and Instruction 
Varelas, Nikos    Physics 
Verschelde, Jan    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Viana, Marlos    Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 
Villegas, Jose    Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy 
Wardrop, Duncan    Chemistry 
Warnecke, Richard B    Institute of Health Research and Policy 
Warpeha, Katherine Mary    Biological Sciences 
Wary, Kishore    Pharmacology 
Webb, Torica L    Curriculum and Instruction 
Weber, Elizabeth    Hispanic and Italian Studies 
Weisenbach, Sara    Psychiatry 
Westland, James    Information and Decision Sciences 
Wietecha, Mateusz S    Oral Biology 
Wiley, Jennifer    Psychology 
Wilkens, Kimberlee Marie    Art and Design 
Wilkie, Diana    Biobehavioral Health Science 
Williams, Sloan R    Anthropology 
Wink, Donald    Chemistry 
Woodard, Rebecca Lindsay    Curriculum and Instruction 
Wright, Margaret    Pathology 
Wu, Minjie    Psychiatry 
Xu, Jie    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
Yamada, Kaori    Pharmacology 
Yang, Jie    Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 
Yang, Shaolin    Psychiatry 
Yang-Clayton, Kathleen    Public Administration 
Ye, Zhenyu    Physics 
Younge, Jewel S    Pharmacy Practice 
Yuan, Jingyan Elaine    Communication 
Zalake, Mohan    Biomed and Health Info Sciences 
Zefran, Milos    Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Zhang, Wei    Biomedical Science 
Zhao, Zongmin    Biopharmaceutical Sciences 
Zheng, Yonghui    Microbiology and Immunology 
Zhou, Xiaofeng Charles    Periodontics 
Ziebart, Brian D    Computer Science 
Zinsser, Katherine Marie    Psychology 
Zuck, Lenore    Computer Science