Chancellor's Undergraduate Research Award

Information for Faculty

NEW SUMMER CURA PROGRAM! Apply for a CURA for Summer 2018 here.

To qualify, students must be registered for a minimum of 3 credit hours (not including independent study or research hours) in Summer Session courses and have Federal Work Study as part of their AY 17-18 financial aid package. Eligibility will be determined according to financial need as determined by the student's AY 17-18 FAFSA and expected summer bill and the customary OUR review of proposal submitted by the faculty member. 

Apply for a CURA for Fall 2018, Spring 2019, or Academic Year 18-19 here.
See the criteria and program description below.


  • Students must have accepted a Federal Work Study Award. If there is uncertainty about whether students have received Federal Work Study funding, faculty or students should complete the CURA Federal Work Study Inquiry Form.
  • Faculty must apply on behalf of the student.
  • Students will be employed at an hourly rate for a number of hours a week to be determined by the faculty member and his/her department in consultation with Student Employment. Hourly rates range from around from around $9 to $10.25 per hour. The most recent student employment wage plan can be viewed here:
  • In most cases, students must be signed up for research credit to be eligible for the award. For a complete list of research credit courses, click here.

Credit for students. Students must be signed up for research credit unless doing so is financially disadvantageous (e.g., causes a student to exceed a tuition level they can afford). Credit is typically awarded on the basis of one credit hour for each three hours worked, and may involve other requirements depending upon departmental requirements. The number of hours a student registers for is to be decided by the faculty researcher and the department granting credit. Review the full listing of courses by department.


  1. Faculty who wish to participate must create a brief profile on the URE Web site.
  2. Students will contact faculty members directly via the "URE Email Webform" link that appears at the bottom of the faculty member's research information page.
  3. Faculty will correspond directly with the students and determine whom they'd like to hire under the program.
  4. Once submitted, the application will be reviewed by a faculty committee.
  5. Students and faculty members will be notified via email upon approval of award. Students will be hired by the faculty member’s department.
  6. Once the faculty review committee has approved the application, the business manager for your department will complete the CURA C-FOAP Account Verification Form.


Applications will be accepted and awards will be granted on a rolling basis, until all slots are filled. But faculty should try to get all applications in early to ensure that students have time to register for credit. That is, students must register for credit before the tenth day of the semester. (Applications submitted after the 10th day of the semester will still be considered if there are awards left--even if students are unable to sign up for credit.)


The CURA Award is not available for summer research. Please contact to discuss alternative summer programs on and off campus.

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