Timothy Murphy

    Email Address: tmurphy@uic.edu
    College: Medicine Department: Medical Education
    Title: Professor of Philosophy in the Biomedical Sciences
    Office: 973 CME M/C Phone: 312 996 3595

    Research Interest:
    Please note: I will be on sabbatical for the Spring Term 2011 and not available for student projects during that time.

    I have two main areas of research.

    1. I currently have a book project, Ethics in Military Medicine, which reviews ethical dilemmas faced by medical personnel in the military. The core of the book will be case studies of ethical problems as they have been presented or discussed in the professional literature. The cases involve, for example, conflicts between duties to superiors and the care of patients, dilemmas faced under battlefield conditions, obligations to civilians harmed in the course of warfare, ethical issues in medical eligibility for service, and larger issues of social justice, such as the debate about whether medical participation in the military is ethical or not.

    2. My second main area of research is ethical analysis of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs). In this analysis I focus on questions of access and equity in regard to the interventions used to help people have children. For example, who is entitled to use ARTs to have children: single people, married people, women past menopause, homosexual men and women? I study the thresholds at which a technology is 'ready to go'? How do we know when something is safe enough to offer to people in their quest to have children? For example, when would it be okay to offer cloning as a way of having children?

    Minimum time commitment in hours per week:

    Qualifications of a Student:
    The student should be at least a sophomore and, preferably, have taken an ethics course of some kind. (Someone headed toward medical school would be nice.)

    Brief Summary of what is expected from the student:
    The primary responsibility consists of finding and discussing materials that fit these two domains of research.

    I will meet with the student on a weekly basis to review the materials he or she has uncovered and identify further resources to be reviewed. We will discuss the materials in various ways, so the student will learn along with me about controversies in military medical ethics or assisted reproduction.

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