Andre A. Balla

    Email Address:
    College: Medicine Department: Pathology
    Title: Professor of Pathology
    Office: COMRB Room 6099 Phone: 312.413.5639
    Participating in the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Awards program: Yes

    Research Interest:
    Three main lines of research:some in cancer biology-environmental sciences and some in bioengineering/computer sciences:
    1- Ten percent of the population have elevated body cadmium content from excess environmental exposure. Our laboratory has shown an association between cadmium overload and worse outcome in prostate cancer. We now use in vivo and in vitro models to study mechanisms of cadmium enhancement of tumors.
    2- Besides the traditional microscope to make diagnosis of cancer and other diseases, physicians need to use new instruments to help in the practice of pathology. With the help of bioengineers, we are using Raman spectroscopy, infrared tissue microscopy, digital morphometry, fractal geometry and light interference microscopy to help making diagnostic and prognostic decisions.
    3- Most funding for our Division of Transdisciplinary Pathology comes from helping numerous researchers on campus and other universities to achieve their research goals. We provide pathology diagnostic expertise,tissue bank samples, immunohistochemistry, tissue microarrays, digital imaging, etc.

    Minimum time commitment in hours per week: five

    Qualifications of a Student:
    It would be beneficial for both the project and the research assistant if he/she already possesses a firm background in biology, and in particular cell biology. Without such knowledge, it may be difficult for the student to completely comprehend not only the techniques used in the study, but also the implications of the proteins that are under scrutiny. Above all, the student should have an interest in scientific research and a desire to learn about the advancements in cancer research and treatment.
    For the projects in bioengineering/bioimaging,programming and other computer skills are prefered but not essential.

    Brief Summary of what is expected from the student:
    Ability to work independently.
    Ability to stick to a realistic schedule.
    Lots of natural scientific curiosity and creativity.

    NOTE: This researcher is currently not accepting applications for the Undergraduate Research Experience program.

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