Yochai Eisenberg

    Email Address: yeisen2@uic.edu
    College: Applied Health Sciences Department: Disability and Human Development
    Title: Assistant Professor
    Office: DHD 207 Phone: 312.41.9410
    Webpage: https://ahs.uic.edu/disability-human-development/community-health-and-disability-inclusion-research-and-training-programs/
    Participating in the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Awards program: Yes

    Research Interest:
    Overview: My work is at the intersection of disability, urban planning, and public health. I study the ways in which neighborhood environments, local policies, and systems impact health behaviors and health outcomes for people with disabilities using a blend of big data analytics, policy evaluation, and community engaged research. The intention of my work is to improve community mobility and access to health promoting opportunities. I am interested in using new and interesting data sources to study the effects of barrier removal for people with disabilities. I am also currently studying the implementation of Americans With Disabilities Act plans for removing barriers in the pedestrian network.

    Minimum time commitment in hours per week: 8

    Qualifications of a Student:
    Students should have familiarity with either urban planning concepts or disability studies concepts. I have several projects that weave these two disciplines and where some background would be valuable.

    Brief Summary of what is expected from the student:
    Interested in learning about making Cities more accessible
    Interested in participating in a team science atmosphere, taking supporting roles sometimes and, when ready, taking on leadership roles.

    Main expectations are around a commitment of honest communication and following through with completing tasks that the students takes on. Expected to collaborate with a positive collegial attitude, expected to maintain records and documentation as appropriate for a study. Expected to bring curiosity and an intention of learning.

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