Paul-Brian McInerney

    Email Address:
    College: Liberal Arts and Sciences Department: Sociology
    Title: Associate Professor
    Office: 4140B BSB Phone: 773-526-0903
    Participating in the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Awards program: Yes

    Research Interest:
    Economic sociology, organizational sociology.

    This project takes a mixed-methods approach to examine the relationship between interorganizational collaboration and valuation in the craft brewing industry. The quantitative component of this project will create and analyze a dataset of collaborations between craft brewers in three states: California, Illinois, and Colorado. I will examine craft brewing across three states as a way of accounting for the institutional contexts that advance or hamper network arrangements. This dataset will be used to model networks of collaboration among brewers in the states in question. It will also be used to test hypotheses about the role of valuation as a network structuring mechanism in the industry. The qualitative component of this project will describe the motivations craft brewers give for participating in these collaborative arrangements, including how they choose partners. The resultant project will establish and explain the relationship between micro-level organizational processes, e.g., motivations and decision making, and meso-level dynamics, e.g., interorganizational networks that represent the structure of an industry.

    Minimum time commitment in hours per week: 3

    Qualifications of a Student:
    Preferably sociology major or cognate field. Preferably junior year or later.

    Brief Summary of what is expected from the student:
    Responsibilities include:
    • Hand collecting and coding data about craft breweries
    • Checking data
    • Contacting sampled craft brewers to arrange qualitative interviews
    • Reviewing transcriptions for accuracy
    • Data management
    • Conducting literature searches

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